New ALO4-F for laser welding corner connections of battery boxes

07. Feb 2024

The newly developed ALO4-F enables the welding of corner welds in battery boxes by penetrating into the hard-to-reach corners thanks to special laser beam deflection and wire feed. It is the only laser process available for this task and was presented for the first time at the 25th EALA conference.

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“AI makes laser-based manufacturing intelligent!”

17. Jan 2024

Artificial intelligence helps to detect even the smallest pores and spatter in the weld pool. Together with ALO4, SCeye, our process monitoring system, optimizes laser brazing and laser welding processes. A neural network was trained with thousands of images for this purpose. By using AI, defects are identified and displayed with up to 98% accuracy.

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Our apprentice introduces himself: What does a mechatronics technician actually do?

08. Nov 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of mechatronics with Alejandro P., our 22-year-old apprentice. Find out how he develops laser tools for industry and why this apprenticeship not only requires precision, but also creative fun.

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Automation of processes in industrial manufacturing – giving the robot an eye

09. Sep 2023

In automated joining processes, optical seam tracking sensors guide the robot along the joint edge. The TH6D-Advanced is the latest sensor development from Scansonic. Based on the proven triangulation principle and the latest camera technology, the sensor enables reliable compensation of component tolerances.

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New laser processing system for faster and better processes

27. Jun 2023

Scansonic presents the novel FCW processing system for laser welding at this year's LASER World of Photonics. The system combines multiple scanner units and thus enables both the processing of large and the simultaneous processing of numerous components.

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British university develops welding process for battery cases with optics from Scansonic

16. Jun 2023

High mechanical demands are placed on battery cases as the heart of modern electric vehicles. On behalf of major car manufacturers, WMG at the University of Warwick in the UK tested welding processes for optimizing aluminum battery cases using lasers.

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A dream team – ALO4-O with Dinse’s wire feeder

28. Feb 2023

The wire feeder is an essential component of our optics with tactile seam tracking. From now on, we offer our customers the systems in a bundle with Dinse's wire feeder.

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Lecture: Opportunities for quality monitoring through AI

16. Feb 2023

The automotive industry is facing major challenges - from a global shift toward vehicle electrification, to a huge increase in digitalization, to finding a way to produce sustainable products in a sustainable way.

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Dual study course at Scansonic

10. Feb 2023

Study by all means - but with as much practical relevance as possible? Then we have the right offer for committed prospective students: a dual study program for a Bachelor of Engineering together with the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR).

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Successful EALA with new partner Dinse

07. Feb 2023

Day 1 at this year's EALA! It is always a pleasure to meet the automotive experts in Bad Nauheim and to discuss new processing opportunities.

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Scansonic LPH-C optics – the next generation of laser cladding

03. Feb 2023

Laser cladding enables the precise coating of components. This predestines the process for repairs or the application of wear and corrosion protection.

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Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg as guest at Scansonic

21. Jan 2023

The Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg is THE network of the laser industry in the region. It was an honor for us to host this year's members meeting on our campus.

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New TH6D-Advanced sensor for optical seam tracking

09. Dec 2022

The revised compact design and the new camera module enable flexible use and further improved seam tracking.

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EuroBlech 2022

27. Oct 2022

Last week, the Scansonic team was at the EuroBLECH trade fair in Hanover, Germany, presenting a wide range of products.

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Fast and robust sheet metal laser welding

25. Oct 2022

Scansonic is exhibiting its LPH-O series of laser optics at EuroBLECH in Hanover, showing how the targeted use of laser beam oscillation can significantly expand the range of applications, even in lower-cost optics.

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Our new sales team in America

01. Aug 2022

Competent support for our customers in North and South America.

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Our new sales team – China

15. Jul 2022

Scansonic has been represented by a strong team in China since July 1, 2022. It is the competent contact for our customers in this region.

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Best of Industry Award

24. Jun 2022

We are among the candidates for the Best of Industry Award!

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Scansonic MI takes over its own sales efforts

16. Jun 2022

Scansonic, one of the leading companies for laser products in metal processing, will be conducting its own worldwide sales efforts as of July 1, and will be in direct contact with its customers through its own branch offices and distributors.

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Our new Colleagues in International Sales

17. May 2022

We are happy to welcome Michael Nagel and Johannes Hennecke to our international sales team. Both have been at home in the world of laser processing for many years.

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Interview Axel Luft in career guide “Industry”

12. Apr 2022

A recently published career guide “Industry” aims to help young people when choosing their career and studies. 21 experts give their views, including representatives of Philip Morris, Pirelli and KraussMaffei. Our Managing Director Sales, Dr. Axel Luft, was also interviewed.

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Scansonic presents its optics for laser welding of battery boxes in electric cars

05. Apr 2022

Battery boxes in electric vehicles can influence more than just vehicle dynamics. The fire risk posed by batteries makes them crash-relevant components. For this reason, high-strength aluminum alloy structures are used in production, although they are markedly susceptible to hot cracking. The quality of the weld seams is a decisive factor in part strength. Scansonic is presenting its product portfolio at LASER World of Photonics.

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Product family for cutting optics is expanding

02. Mar 2022

Higher laser power allows laser cutting of sheet metal at higher speeds and processing of thicker materials. The resulting increased efficiency in the laser cutting process is in high demand on the market. Scansonic has satisfied this demand by expanding its SCut product family with the new SCut MAX model, designed for laser power up to 30 kW.

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Poster campaign of the district Marzahn-Hellersdorf

20. Feb 2022

#You’re something! (#Duwirstwas!) - under this motto Marzahn-Hellersdorf draws young people’s attention to the numerous training opportunities in our district. Scansonic is part of the poster campaign.

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New member of the international sales team

01. Feb 2022

Our sales team has received highly competent reinforcement: We are happy to welcome Mark Daichendt to the team. The 54-year old mechanical engineer has over two decades of experience in the laser market.

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Laser cutting optics from Scansonic now available in direct sales

11. Oct 2021

When laser cutting sheet metal, the quality of the cutting optics is decisive for the overall process. The cutting heads of the SCut series from Scansonic set standards in quality and operation with their comprehensive functionalities. Scansonic now offers proven laser cutting optics in direct sales.

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Award for Scansonic founder

07. Oct 2021

We feel very honored - The Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (LVBB) has honored our founder Igor Haschke for his special merits in the development and promotion of laser technology!

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RLW-S in prototype plant for electric motor production at Ford

03. Aug 2021

Automotive manufacturers are currently working intensively on drives of the future. As part of a research project, a prototype plant is currently being built at Ford's Cologne plants to develop new production processes for electric motors. . For welding the hairpins in the stator, Scansonic's RLW-S remote optics are in use. We are very proud of this.

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Strukturwandel Lausitz

Funding Project by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

20. May 2021

East-German Lusatia is one of the structurally weak areas supported by the "WIR! - Change through Innovation in the Region" program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The program includes a number of funding projects. Scansonic and our laser application center are involved.

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Dr. Axel Luft joins Scansonic MI as Head of Sales

15. Jan 2021

At the beginning of the year, the proven industry expert took over the sales management of Scansonic MI GmbH. The PhD engineer has been working on the utilization of laser in joining technology for over 20 years. Therefore he knows not only the industry, but is also familiar with laser optics from Scansonic.

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Scansonic Application Center with new IPG laser source

02. Dec 2020

In our Scansonic Laser Application Center (LAC) in Berlin we offer a wide range of services and equipment to enable most various customer-specified setups and practice-oriented application testing. Latest addition to our laser sources is an IPG Photonics Laser YLS-6000-U.

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Full customer focus thanks to innovative IT service providers

20. Nov 2020

As a member of the B.I.G. we can rely on the comprehensive IT support and concentrate fully on our core competencies: the development of customer-specific solutions for laser applications. The magazine IT + Production reports on this collaboration in the current issue.

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Förderprojekt zum Laserstrahlfügen

Funding project for laser beam joining of copper components in the electrical drive technology using additive manufacturing

27. Jul 2020

Scansonic and B.I.G. Technology Services are working together with Werner-von-Siemens Centre for Industry and Science (WvSC) on new processes for electric mobility.

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Scansonic Innovationsführer

Scansonic honoured as innovation leader

02. Jun 2020

Scansonic is one of "Germany's innovation leaders". This was confirmed by the F.A.Z.-Institute - a subsidiary of the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" - in a recently published analysis. Prognos therefore examined the patent applications of 150,000 companies operating in Germany.

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An idea that changed the industry

06. Apr 2020

With innovative laser processing optics, Scansonic revolutionized metal processing. The company is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

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Measures taken as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

30. Mar 2020

At Scansonic we are closely following the daily developments in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to changing conditions. Wherever possible, our employees work from home while some departments temporarily reduce their operation. Even in these turbulent times, it remains our goal together with our partners to support you with our proven expertise and attention.

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Reaching the smallest drill holes with a laser beam

24. Jun 2019

State-of-the-art laser hardening technologies play a key role in the quality and robustness of a workpiece. A new process developed by Scansonic MI enables distortion-free hardening of drill holes and inner surfaces.

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New Scansonic optics for laser hardening

24. Jun 2019

Scansonic is showcasing its next generation of RLH-A laser hardening optics at the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019. Featuring innovative control technology and variable spot geometry and size, the new optics are designed for high-end applications like those commonly used in the automotive industry.

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Scansonic showcases new welding optics for hairpins in electric motors

24. Jun 2019

The LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019 is where Scansonic will be introducing its new RLW-S laser processing optics for laser welding the hairpins used in electric motors. This system's integrated optical sensor precisely detects contours and reliably controls even the most complex welding processes.

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Florian Albert is the new Managing Director of Scansonic

26. Feb 2019

On 1 February 2019, Dr Florian Albert was appointed Managing Director of Scansonic MI GmbH, a member of B.I.G.. The graduated engineer had been Head of the Scansonic application lab before he succeeded Dieter Mack who had held the position of an interim managing director since April 2017.

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BMW and Scansonic: Innovation through partnership

30. Jan 2019

Bad Nauheim, Germany – International automotive engineers met again this year at the EALA 2019 (European Automotive Laser Applications) conference in Bad Nauheim to discuss new options for laser-based production in car body and automotive engineering.

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Laser welding optics from Scansonic makes automotive design dreams possible

29. Jan 2019

Chinese start-up Nio sets about shaking up the car market. The company produces only electrically powered vehicles. At the same time, the engineers are working intensively on autonomous driving.

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Scansonic ALO3: A success-story

28. Jan 2019

ALO — the laser processing optics from Scansonic — sets standards in laser soldering and welding of steel and aluminium. The 2,000th ALO3 went into operation at BMW Leipzig in September 2018. The first optics of the series was installed at Daimler in 2006.

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