Laser Welding

High welding speed and reliable seams with controllable energy input – with millimetre precision, also for complex seams.

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Remote laser welding in series production
Detailed video RLW-A: vertical gap bridging
Detail Video RLW-A: optical seam tracking
Laser welding of battery boxes with ALO4-O
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When laser welding components, for example, made of aluminium or steel, the laser beam fuses the joining edges with high welding speed, narrow and slim weld shape and with low thermal distortion. Depending on the material, component geometry and cycle time requirements, we offer processing optics for classic laser beam welding with or without filler material as well as for remote welding. This allows both deep welding and thermal conduction welding. The product portfolio ranges from simple optics to complex systems with seam tracking, dynamic beam oscillation, static beam shaping, automatic gap control and process monitoring. Depending on the design, they are suitable for diode, disc and fibre laser applications up to the high kilowatt range