LPH-C | Laser cladding with metal powder

Laser cladding enables the precise coating of components. This predestines the process for repairs or the application of wear and corrosion protection. Laser cladding has also proven itself for additive manufacturing.

LPH-C (Laser Processing Head Cladding | Coaxial Digital Setup Camera, Protective Glass Monitoring PGM, X/Y Adjustment Unit, Integrated Protective Gas Flushing, Powder Nozzle (3-beam or coaxial possible)

LPH-C (Laser Processing Head Cladding) | Coaxial Digital Setup Camera, PGM Protective Glass Monitoring, X/Y Adjustment Unit, Integrated Protective Gas Flushing, Powder Nozzle (3-jet or coaxial possible)

Function description

Laser cladding is an additive manufacturing process in which a metal coating is applied to a workpiece. The workpiece surface is melted locally with the aid of a laser, and a gas-powder mixture is fed in at the same time. At the heated point, the powder also melts and thus bonds with the surface of the workpiece. The LPH-C enables precise process control and thus a wide range of applications.

Areas of application

  • Laser cladding of various materials
  • Steel, titantium, nickel, aluminum alloys
  • Repair of complex parts and casting molds
  • Coating of wear parts
  • 3D-metal-printing


  • Adjustable track width by setting defocusing and powder nozzle.
  • Welding process independent of direction.
  • Targeted energy input and thus low thermal distortion of the component.
  • High material utilization rate.
  • High level of automation.
  • Easy to retool or upgrade within the LPH product family when additional functions are required.
  • Adaptable to customer needs: thanks to modular scapacs® system and expandability over the entire product life cycle.

Further product information


  • Various options three-jet/ coaxial powder nozzles
  • Process/protective gas feed


  • Beam alignment in X and Y to match the nozzle outlet


  • Individual setting of the desired defocusing even during the process


  • Continuous monitoring of the protective glass on the process side
  • Based on patented temperature evaluation algorithms


  • Industrial grade camera with IP65 protection for process setup and robot programming

Wavelenght905 - 1080 nm
Laser power
max. 5 kW
Imaging ratio 1 : 2.1 (others on request)
Total angle of acceptance485 mrad (99% power capacity)
Focal length 176 mm
IP class Processing optics: IP60 (up to IP64 possible by sealing the laser light cable receiver)
Switch cabinets: IP54
Voltage supply110 V -240 V / 16 A
Dimensions of the processing headapprox. 500 x 215 x 130 mm
WeightProcessing optics: approx. 8 kg
Controller and power-supply box: approx. 23? kg

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