Our environmental policy

The Berlin.Industrial.Group. is aware that its activities have an impact on the environment. Therefore, the group sees it as its duty to reduce any environmental damage to a minimum within the economic and technical possibilities and apply well-conceived processes. To fulfill its responsibility in dealing with the environment and resources, the Group determines and evaluates the significant environmental aspects, derives environmental goals or programs from them, and checks their delivery based on measurable characteristics.

The Berlin.Industrial.Group. has set itself the goal of reconciling profitable production and care for our environment. For this purpose, the Group wants to improve its environmental performance and eliminate or reduce environmental pollution where this is technically and organizationally possible and economically viable.

We bear responsibility for the environmental compatibility and sustainability of our products and services. We rely on environmentally compatible, advanced, and efficient technologies and implement them across the entire life cycle of our products. Already during development and production, we pay attention to the careful use of natural resources, a continuous reduction of the environmental impact and compliance with environmental protection laws and regulations. We also respect the principles of recycling management and the recyclability of our products at the end of their life cycle.

The Berlin.Industrial.Group. considers environmental protection concerns as part of its activities and uses resources and energy appropriately and sparingly. The Group ensures that its activities have the least possible negative impact on the environment and complies with environmental protection laws and regulations.

The Berlin.Industrial.Group. also expects its business partners to consider and comply with the following requirements:

Creation and implementation of environmental management systems

Environmentally oriented management is one of the primary objectives of corporate policy. B.I.G. requires that its business partners use an environmental management system – ideally one certified to the international standard ISO 14001 or the European Union’s EMAS Regulation. Accordingly, B.I.G. encourages other companies indirectly to address the issue of environmental policy and the introduction of an environmental management system.

Natural resource management and waste reduction

We implement measures to contribute to environmental and climate protection. We use natural raw materials with care. We use due diligence to trace the sources of the raw materials used in our products.

We also do not knowingly offer products containing raw materials that contribute to human rights abuses, bribery, ethical violations, or harm the environment. Whenever possible, we reuse or recycle materials and resources. We properly dispose of unavoidable or non-recyclable waste.

Greenhouse emissions, energy efficiency and renewable energies

In all phases of production, supply chain and delivery, we ensure a further reduction in the company’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to protect the climate and valuable resources. We also make sure to buy low-carbon energy.

Water quality and consumption

We use a circular water system to increase the water recycling rate and thus protect the environment and sustainably reduce the consumption of valuable freshwater.

Air quality

We also ensure low emissions of air pollutants. By using modern filter systems or chemical additives, we want to sustainably improve air quality throughout the supply chain.

Handling of chemicals

We identify chemicals and other substances that pose a risk if released into the environment. We establish a hazardous materials management system to safely handle, transport, store, reprocess or reuse and dispose of chemicals and hazardous materials through appropriate procedures.

A restriction – possibly also for imports – applies to substances for which no registration is required and substances contained in a product or used in its preparation.

The handling of chemicals according to REACH and RoHS regulation applies to any regulated substances.

Qualification of staff

We qualify our employees and keep records of the training provided on sustainability, human rights, occupational health and safety, quality, and environmental topics.

Sustainability report

Download B.I.G. sustainability report as PDF (German version)