Laser Application Center

Laser Application Center

Scansonic engineers in our state-of-the-art application labs are constantly working on solutions for our customers' challenges.

From new materials and modified component geometries, to fine-tuning processes, their goal is to create the best manufacturing approach. That’s why our experts in the lab work hand in hand with the engineering teams.

Our customers benefit from comprehensive process expertise in adapting processing optics and systems to new tasks. Scansonic has eleven fully-equipped laboratories available for this purpose. Different laser types and robot models enable customer-specified setups and practice-oriented application testing. Results can be tested for suitability in our in-house metallography lab.

From the initial idea to final implementation, everything is united under one roof.

Ready for your projects:

Eleven modern, independently operating laboratories

  • Lasers

    • Yb: YAG disc lasers with beam qualities of 4 and 8 mm mrad up to 8 kW (with and without Brightline technology)
    • Yb fiber laser up to 10 kW with ARM technology
    • Diode lasers with 30, 50, 60 and 100 mm mrad up to 6 kW
    • Various rental devices tailored to your requirements
  • Processing optics – Scansonic product portfolio

    • With or without tactile/optical seam tracking
    • With or without additional material
    • Conventional or remote technology
    • Optional beam modulation, (e.g. for bridging gaps or for setting defined cooling gradients)
    • Customer-specific modifiable processing optics
  • Handling technology

    • Robots
    • Linear chassis used as a master machine
    • Customer-specific constructions
  • Quality control

    • Automatic tracking and monitoring of all process-relevant parameters for documentation and process optimization
    • In-house metallography capabilities used to assess weld quality