Innovative for customers

The needs and priorities of our customers are the measure of all things at Scansonic.

Every day we are challenged by user requirements for production lines. We bring our expertise in laser brazing, welding, hardening, seam tracking and process monitoring to the table. And drive new technologies forward.

Close cooperation with customers leads to tailor-made products created for tough series-production challenges and the most complex tasks. During the course of a project, we transition from supplier to professional partner. This requires creativity and commitment – but if you aim to be the best, you can never be satisfied with mediocrity


Haschke engineering firm founded


Scansonic GmbH founded

First series product: ALO1 laser brazing optics with seam tracking


Series production launch of ALO2 welding optics with seam tracking

Set up laser lab with robot and 2kW laser


More than 100 processing heads for the Golf 5 in use worldwide


Market launch of the modular scapacs® system.

Start of series production of the Adaptive Platform for Seam Tracking (APN1) for arc processes


First series application of ALO3 laser brazing and welding optics in the automotive industry


Scansonic GmbH is renamed Scansonic IPT GmbH as a sales company and Scansonic MI GmbH is founded as a development and production company.

First sales and service partner in China becomes Abicor Binzel


First series application of ALO3 for aluminum welding opens up new possibilities in lightweight construction


Market launch of the first sensor TH6D for optical seam tracking

Introduction of a new product group RLH for controlled laser hardening


1,000th optic used in series production for the automotive industry


Opening of Laser Application Center

Introduction of new product group RLW-A with optical seam tracking for far-field welding


Scansonic MI and Scansonic IPT become subsidiaries of the newly-established Scansonic Holding SE (Scansonic Group umbrella brand)


1,000th ALO3 deployed in series production


Introduction FSO processing optics for welding shortened flanges

Introduction SCeye process monitoring system


Expansion of production spaces and laser application center following relocation to new site at Schwarze-Pumpe-Weg 16 in Berlin-Marzahn

Introduction of the TH6i for optical seam tracking at the zero gap


First series application of RLW-A for doors produced by a major car manufacturer
Introduction of EX-TRABEAM laser cutting for Thermacut


2,000th ALO3 deployed in series production
Presentation of the new ALO generation: ALO4 and ALO4basic
The Scansonic Group umbrella brand becomes Berlin.Industrial.Group. (B.I.G.)


Introduction of the RLW-S for welding hairpins in electric motors
First use of the ALO4 in series production


Scansonic celebrates 20th anniversary

Delivery of the 100th RLW-A

Introduction ALO4-O for tactile welding especially of thick plate applications


Cutting optics SCut in direct sales

Introduction of LPH to Laser Cladding


Scansonic takes over the worldwide Sales & Service Support

Extension of the SCut product family with SCut Max for laser powers up to 30 kW

Presentation of the new seam tracking sensor TH6D-Advanced 


Introduction of FCW system for high-speed laser welding with compact scanners


Introduction ALO4-F for corner connection welding of battery boxes with limited accessibility