ALO4-O | Laser welding and brazing with tactile seam tracking

Equipped with numerous new features, the processing optics are even more flexible in use and optimized for the automated processing process.

ALO4-O | The new generation of Laser welding and branzing with tactile seam tracking

Function description

The filler wire required for the seam during joining also serves as a mechanical sensor. The filler wire is continuously pressed into the joint by the swivel axis and melted in the laser focal point; it positions and guides the processing head precisely over the seam.

Two synchronized scanner axes are integrated into the ALO4-O for a defined 2D laser beam oscillation with up to 1000 kHz. Beam oscillation is a repeated, high-frequency movement of the laser beam. Deflection shapes, amplitudes and frequencies are freely programmable for each scanner axis.

Areas of application

  • Laser brazing and laser welding.
  • Steel and aluminium alloys.
  • Thick sheet metal applications, alloying with additional material and seam smoothing.


  • Stable process control and highest seam quality through automatic compensation of component tolerances by tactile seam tracking with filler wire.
  • Definable 2D laser beam oscillation with up to 1000 kHz via two synchronized scanner axes. Deflection shapes, amplitudes and frequencies can be freely programmed for each scanner axis.
  • Industry 4.0 as the new standard for connectivity and intuitive user interfaces with recipes for operating and configuring the optics.
  • SCeye® system for highly automated and intelligent process monitoring, as well as for recording all videos and data from the process.
  • Integrated 3D weight compensation and force control guarantee high-precision control of the wire pressure forces and enable a processing space of 360 °.
  • Shortened start-up times, faster optics changeovers and more efficient service thanks to plug & play in the hardware and interface architecture.
  • Easy handling thanks to the optional integration of external functions such as wire feeder, media control, QA systems and direct control of the laser source.
  • Individual device configuration thanks to the modular scacpacs® building block system and expandability over the entire product life cycle.

Supported Laser

  • Diode laser
  • Solid-state laser like rod laser, disk laser, fibre laser

Further product information

Swivel axis

  • Increased drive dynamics and more torque offer the possibility of 90° angles of the swivel axis during processing
  • Optimised for continuous use even under high mechanical loads


  • Automatic tracking of the horizontal focus position
  • Increased operational readiness thanks to temperature monitoring and position control

Teleskopic arm

  • Height tolerance compensation with improved integrated force sensors
  • Variants: Standard, Fix (with brakes), Motion (motorised)

Oscillation Scanner unit

  • Synchronized 2D oscillating scanner axes
  • Deflection shapes, amplitudes and frequencies up to 1000 Hz can be freely parameterized

Protective glass monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of the protective glass on the process side
  • Based on the patented temperature evaluation algorithms


  • Data and video recording during the process
  • Quality assurance: Envelopes, pore detection and beam-wire-position

Wavelength900 - 1080 nm
Laser power< 6 kW up to 10 kW*
Laser protection class4
Image scales1:0.9 up to 1:5.4
Total angle of acceptanceup to 485 mrad*
Focal lengths141 - 250 mm
IP classProcessing optics: IP60 (up to IP64 possible by sealing the laser light cable receiver)
Switch cabinets: IP54
Voltage supply24 V / 10 A provided by the customer or
230 / 400V 4 A using the controller power-supply box
(L x W x H) in mm
approx. 350x 250x 580*
WeightProcessing optics: approx. 20 kg
Controller power-supply box: approx. 25 kg
*depending on the configuration


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