ADR | Pressure Wheel

The ADR1 pressure wheel supplements our laser processing systems (e.g. ALO3) and the APN1 Adaptive Platform for Seam Tracking. In combination with processing optics for laser welding or brazing, the ADR1 ensures gap-free joints in laser welding operations.

ADR | Pressure wheel ADR with ALO2



Function description

To ensure optimum results, the ADR1 presses the top plate onto the fixed bottom plate while the joining process is simultaneously carried out at the defined position. The ADR1 has an integrated force sensor to regulate the pressure and enable a precise, adjustable force curve with fine gradation.

Areas of application

  • Fillet weld at the lap joint or I-joint


  • Saving of fixed clamping device
  • Sensory guided pressure roller
  • No stick-slip effect


  • Electric drive ensures precise force of pressure
  • Sensor-controlled pressure
  • Force of pressure infinitely adjustable via potentiometers or external analogue input
  • Adaptable for all robot types

Further product information

Diameter of roller100 mm and 180 mm
Force of pressure0 to 400 N
Force linearityapprox. 5 %
Height adjustment30 mm
Control input/output24 V
Power supply24 V / 3 A (max. 8 A for 1s)
Weightapprox. 7,5 kg

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