ALO3 | Unmatched quality thanks to seam tracking with filler wire

The world’s most frequently used optic for laser brazing and welding. With its patented tactile seam tracking technology, the laser processing system enables perfect seams in the visible operating range and makes post-processing unnecessary. Customers across the globe – especially vehicle body manufacturers – rely on the ALO3.

ALO3 | Laser welding and brazing with tactile seam tracking

ALO3 | Door seam

ALO3 | Roof seam

ALO3 | Swivel axis

ALO3 | Configuration example: Processing optics ALO3 with wire feed DFE and media coupling MEKO-GAS

ALO3 | Telescopic arm TA-Motion

ALO3 | Tilt sensor Neigo

Function description

The tip of the filler wire precisely detects the weld edge and safely guides the joining process along the seam. Component tolerances are automatically compensated. At the same time, the wire itself is part of the brazing and welding process

Areas of application

  • Laser brazing and welding
  • steel and aluminium
  • Y-seam at flange welds
  • Fillet weld at the lap joint
  • Fillet weld at the T-joint


  • Stable process control and high-quality seams because workpiece deviations are automatically compensated
  • Small radii and 3-D contours can be sensed easily (more design freedom)
  • No advance-tracking compensation required


  • Customised customer-specific scapacs®modular systems can be configured for any standard laser source
  • Precise, force-controlled seam tracking with tactile sensor using a filler wire
  • Lateral swivel range (Y) +/-90 degrees
  • Height of operating range (Z): +/-5 mm
  • User-defined adaptation to robotics
  • Configuration via Ethernet
  • Integrated cross-jet
  • Integrated safety-glass drawer with quick-change function
  • Wire feed connection compatible with various manufacturers
  • Service-friendly construction

Supported Laser

  • Diode laser
  • Solid-state laser like rod laser, disk laser, fibre laser

Further product information

  • Fiber coupling for fiber optic cables
  • Fieldbus interface
  • Swivel axis for seam tracking in lateral direction
  • Telescopic arm for seam tracking in Teleskoparm für die Nahtführung in beam direction
  • Force sensor to control seam tracking


  • Fiber couplings for the following types of fiber optic cables: Trumpf-B, Trumpf-D, Optoskand QBH
  • Fieldbus types: Profibus, Interbus, DeviceNet, PROFINET, Digital I/O (others available on demand)
  • telescoping arm TA-Fix
  • telescoping arm TA-Motion
  • Inclination Sensor (Neigo)
  • auto focus for focus tracking
  • Camera and cross-hair generator
  • SCeye® process monitoring system
  • Robotics interface featuring the high-precision scapacs®quick-lockexchange
  • Hot wire up to 100 or 230 A
  • Inert gas stinging or coaxial

Wavelength900 – 1080 nm
Laser powermax. 6 kW for CW laser
Laser protection class4
Optical ratios1:0.8 to 1:5.3
Total angle of acceptancup to 485 mrad
Focal distances141 - 250 mm
IP protection degree64 (with fiberoptic cable plugged in)
Power supply24 V / 10 A
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm350x 250x 580 (depending on configuration)
Weightca. 20 kg (depending on configuration)

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