DAS 45° | Wire cutter for short lengths

The DAS 45° wire cutter is optimized for seam tracking processes with filler wire. The system cuts filler wire at different angles with very short, predefined wire lengths.

DAS 45° | Wire cutter

DAS 45° |

DAS 45° |

Areas of application

  • Laser brazing/welding with the ALO3
  • - Electric arc processes with the APN1


  • Larger filler wire contact area for secure tactile probing on a weld butt joint with lower edge height
  • No extension/retraction of the filler wire, required for small stick-outs
  • This minimizes the need for programming/synchronizing with wire feed modules
  • Integration into the safety check process by end position detection of the clamping die


  • Easy accessibility to clamping die and cutting blades, no risk of collision with the processing tool
  • Pre-tensioning of wire end eliminates kinking during cutting
  • Variable cutting angle allows filler wire to be placed flat parallel to the component
  • Minimum section length >4 mm

Further product information


End position sensormonitoring of the clamping die position
5/2 directional valveto control the pneumatic cylinder
Telescopic sleeve and storage binfor removal and storage of cuttings


Operating pressure6 Bar
Cutting performance at 6 barSolid wire up to 1.6 mm / Filler-wire up to 3.2 mm
Cutting timeapprox. 0,5 sec
Power supply24 V DC actuator and control voltage
Weightapprox. 2,35 kg

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