Customer-specific solutions – nothing prefab

Our products are proven every day in our customers' production lines. All Scansonic processing optics are individually adapted on-site to master a specific challenge.

We don’t sell prefabricated products. Our optics are based on the Scansonic scapacs® modular system that enables flexible solutions with different structural designs, aspect ratios, custom beam shaping, highly dynamic beam oscillation, process monitoring, etc.

The development of customized solutions is one of our core strengths. If you have an innovative manufacturing idea, or perhaps need to add, harden or cut materials and aren’t sure how to do it – let’s talk!

Our role is to serve as engineering partners for customers. Backed by many years of experience, we provide comprehensive process know-how. Scansonic experts work in close cooperation with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your unique challenges. Learn more about the wide-range of available options in our modern Laser Application Center.