LPH-O | Small Pattern Welding with Oscillation

LPH-O | High-dynamic welding within a small scanning field

LPH-O | With inert gas nozzle, digital set-up camera and integrated LED illumination.

LPH-O Wire | With 2D Scanner, Autofocus and Telescopic Arm.

Function description

The LPH-O was developed to offer high dynamics within a small scanning field. Laser joining with high-speed beam oscillation is the best process solution for joining contact connections or dissimilar metals due to the concentrated and controllable energy input. Due to the modular scapacs-system – various variants are available.

Areas of application

  • Remote laser welding
  • Steel and aluminum alloys
  • I-seams at the lap joint with fixed geometry shape
  • I-seams at the lap joint with spiral shape
  • Parameterizable basic forms


  • LOW TCO – minimized running consumption costs due to a 2" protective glass and high working distance.
  • LOW-SPATTER WELDING of galvanized steel is possible using spiral seams.
  • Multi-Purpose Use - Pattern welding and continuous seams with one device – options with or without filler wire available.
  • Robust System Design – highest availability to reach demands of an automotive 24/7 production .
  • Simple operation and parameterization through predefined geometry patterns and an intuitive user interface.
  • Eeasy to retool or upgrade within the LPH product family when additional functions are required.
  • Adaptable to customer needs: thanks to modular scapacs® system and expandability over the entire product life cycle.

Further product information

Filler Wire Option

  • Easy wire feeding with z-axis correction based on ALO-Series

2D beam oscillation

  • Synchronized, highly dynamic 2D beam oscillation for new processes
  • Scanning frequency up to 700 Hz

Line Projector

  • Fast and reliable positioning of calibrated TCP


  • Individual setting of the desired defocusing

Protective Glass Monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of the protective glass on the process side
  • Based on patented temperature evaluation algorithms

Integrated Camera

  • Industrial grade camera with IP65 protection for process setup and robot programming

Wavelength1030 – 1080 nm
Laser powerMax. 8 kW
Imaging ratio1: 1.7 – 1:5.9
Total angle of acceptance 250 mrad (99% power capacity)
Focal length141 mm – 400 mm
Scan field sizes5 x 5mm – 10 x 20mm
Oscillation FrequenciesUp to 700 Hz
IP classProcessing optics: IP60 (up to IP64 possible by sealing the laser light cable receiver)
Switch cabinets: IP54
Voltage supply110 V -240 V / 16 A
Dimensions of the processing headapprox. 350 x 250 x 580 mm
Weight Processing optics: approx. 15 kg
Controller and power-supply box: approx. 23 kg

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