BO | Entry-level modular version for industrial applications

The high-performance BO optic is recommended as an entry-level model for laser welding and brazing. Welding tasks without seam tracking are carried out with the familiar high Scansonic quality benchmarked in auto body construction applications. The modular scapacs® system makes it easier to adapt the optics to new challenges.

BO (Basic Optic) | with cooled aperture and adjustable collimation

BO-SF (Basic Optic Shift Free) | with copper mirrors for powers up to 30kW

Function description

The use of different image ratios results in corresponding working distances and focus diameters. This makes it easy to integrate the BO into a variety of applications.

Areas of application

  • Laser welding, laser brazing – also available with filler material
  • For steel and aluminum


  • Easy to integrate in different applications
  • Various additional components available with Scapacs modular system (e.g. cover glass drawer and cross jet)
  • Service friendly system


  • Available as a straight version or with a deflection unit
  • Cutting site to robot adaption
  • Integrated cross-jet
  • Cover slide drawer

Supported Laser

  • Fibre laser
  • Diode laser
  • Disc laser

Further product information

  • Autofocus for focus adjustments
  • Camera and cross hair generator
  • Water cooling
  • High precision tool changer
  • Crash sensor

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