New ALO4-F for laser welding corner connections of battery boxes

07. Feb 2024

The newly developed ALO4-F enables the welding of corner welds in battery boxes by penetrating into the hard-to-reach corners thanks to special laser beam deflection and wire feed. It is the only laser process available for this task and was presented for the first time at the 25th EALA conference.

Corner welded joints are a particular challenge in the production of battery boxes because they are very difficult for tools to access. Due to the limited accessibility, welding from these corners did not work for the ALO4. Until now…

The newly developed ALO4-F benefits from a special laser beam deflector and an adapted wire feeding, enabling the optics to reach into corner positions. In this way, all proven ALO4 features are now also available for this challenging task – for both laser welding battery boxes made of steel or aluminum battery boxes. This makes the ALO4-F the only laser process currently available for mastering this demanding job directly in the battery box.

The ALO4-F for corner connections of battery boxes was launched at the 25th EALA conference.

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