Scansonic MI takes over its own sales efforts

16. Jun 2022

Scansonic, one of the leading companies for laser products in metal processing, will be conducting its own worldwide sales efforts as of July 1, and will be in direct contact with its customers through its own branch offices and distributors.

Berlin, 04.07.2022 – Scansonic MI, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser processing optics, is reorganizing its global sales structure. As of July 1, the company is working with its own branch offices in its key markets of Germany, China, and the USA. Sales activities in the rest of the world are supported by experienced sales partners and distributors. The Scansonic sales team has been significantly expanded and restructured in recent months to support this new arrangement.

These efforts are part of Scansonic’s continued growth strategy. The company’s products for laser-based metal processing require intensive consultation, and are generally adapted to each customer’s individual production processes. Dr. Axel Luft, Managing Director Sales at Scansonic, explains the benefits for customers: “With this new structure, we are now able to directly provide to our customers the technical knowledge and service they need. Our experienced sales force keeps close to our customer base around the world, and also works closely with Scansonic specialists from the product teams and the application laboratories.” Luft expressed the companies thanks to its former sales and service partner, Abicor Binzel, for their many years of collaboration.