SCeye® | Process monitoring for laser welding and laser brazing

SCeye is an imaging process monitoring system, consisting of a coaxially integrated camera and a process lighting.

SCeye® Process Monitoring | Using AI to detect smallest pores and spatters in laser welding and laser brazing applications

SCeye® Process Monitoring | The modules are fully integrated into the optics, here using the example of the RLW-A for remote laser welding. The software interface keeps all process data in view.

Function description


  • Fully integrated in Optics
  • Coaxially integrated camera and illumination module
  • Integrated recording and control unit
  • Powerful evaluation electronics for real-time image processing
  • Integration into existing optics

Sustainable hardware

SCeye’s hardware is designed to keep up with the latest state of the art technology for many years and to increase productivity and customer benefits through new updates and features such as wire recognition, speed monitoring or quality control.

Synchronized recording of image and process data

The following data are recorded

  • Image information from the process zone
  • Parameters of the laser opticsk
  • Fieldbus signals for controlling the optics (digital switching signals)

Further process parameters which are communicated via the fieldbus. These can be freely configured by the customer. Typical signals are:

  • Laser power
  • Robot speed
  • Wire feed rate
  • Gas flow

Simple operability

Intuitive operation is made possible by an easy-to-use web GUI.

Reduced set-up time

  • Live view of the process zone is ideal for setting up the process and teaching the robot path.
  • Live display of parameters of the optics or feedback on parameters, forces and positions
    o Swivel axis position (SA_POS)
    o Force on the swivel axis (SA_FORCE)
    o Deflection of the telescopic arm (TA_POS)
    o Deflection of the autofocus (LA_POS

In the live view, the operator receives direct feedback from the process zone. The visualization of the process zone shows exactly if the wire is in the right position and meets the joint.

Through the live display of the optics’ parameters, discontinuities in path programming or process control during the setup phase can be detected and optimized.

During the set-up process, a laser class 1 LED lighting of is switched on.

Live view during the laser process

During the laser process, the system switches to class 4 laser illumination. This means that the intensive process lighting can be overshadowed. This ensures a good visualization of the process zone at all times.

Freely configurable markings enable continuous checking of the beam-wire position during the process.

Increased process understanding and fast failure analysis through off-line analysis

Through manual analysis of the image information, errors can be quickly analyzed and their cause eliminated. Timing problems can lead to undesirable effects, especially at the start and end of the process. The visualization of the process zone by SCeye enables the operator to check whether the interaction of wire feeding and laser-on-time is optimally coordinated.

In addition, the video material provides information about the causes of a failure occurrence.

SCeye player is able to show the image material with the recorded process and optics’ parameters synchronized with each other.

Increased productivity

  • Quicker troubleshooting due to synchronized data recording and high-speed video
  • Damage avoidance of clamping devices by range control of swivel axis
  • Increased process understanding during the process start-up phase

Further product information

Camera System

Frame rate100 fps
Field of view~ 8 x 15 mm
Interface to ALO3Power supply, field bus, internal control bus

Illumination System

Integrationcoaxially, fully embedded
Process illumination2x VCSEL, gepulst
Laser class of process illuminationclass 4 / 860 nm / max. 16 W
Setup illumination2x LED (eye safe)

Data Processing

Data recording and analysisfully embedded
Internal memoryring buffer for min. 8h processing time
Recorded data (with 100hz)images SA_pos, SA_force, TA_pos, LA_pos; seam no./ part no. / serial no. other field bus signals
Output signals (fi eld bus)warn and fail signals / part ok / seam ok
Data transmissionEthernet (instead of HMI-cable)


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