Laser Brazing

For perfect seams — high precision in the field of vision, with cost-effectiveness.

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Laser Welding

High welding speed and reliable seams with controllable energy input – with millimetre precision, also for complex seams.

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Laser Welding E-Mobilitiy

Welding of the smallest components with image recognition and beam oscillation. For manufacturing electric motors, power electronics or batteries.

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Laser Surface Processing

Achieving precise hardening depths with exceptionally low energy consumption — the contour-accurate solution for highly stressed components.

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Laser Cutting

Shortest cutting times and highest precision – cutting of metals with practically zero stress or distortion.

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Process Monitoring

Keep control of processes and achieve maximum quality — with imaging monitoring systems.

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Seam Tracking Sensors

Automated processes with electric arc and laser – exact positioning of the tool at any time.

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Complementary products for your applications.

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Scansonic Laser Application Center

Did you know about our application laboratory? Using flexibly configured test stations, you can conduct your own laser material processing tests together with our experts.