01 We set standards
In brazing, welding and hardening using lasers.

02 A development partner at your side
Proficient, target-oriented, individual. From the idea to the implementation.

03 Solution-driven
For example, for welding hairpins or batteries to drive electric motors.

04 Our service
As individual and diverse as our customers. Exceptionally good — worldwide.

Scansonic is the prime address for intelligent laser processing.

Since we have started our company in 2000, we have been working on new ways for the industrial application of laser technology. Our customers achieve the highest quality in their production with our innovative processing heads for laser joining, hardening and cutting including our optical sensor technology. Together, we develop the best possible solution for you. 

Our Applications

Laser Welding

High welding speeds and heavy-duty weld seams with controllable energy input — exact to the millimetre, even in case of complicated seams. 

Laser Welding E-Mobility

Welding of the smallest components with image recognition and beam oscillation. For manufacturing electric motors, high-performance electronics or batteries.  

Laser Hardening

Achieving precise hardening depths with exceptionally low energy consumption — the contour-accurate solution for highly stressed components. 


Trade Fairs

24. – 27. June 2019

LASER World of Photonics
World's leading trade fair for photonics components, systems and applications
Munich, Germany

26. – 27. June 2019

Battery Systems in Car Body Engineering
Innovative solutions for the integration of batteries and battery systems into the car body
Bad Nauheim, Germany

12. – 13. September 2019

Insight @ BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC 2019
Agile manufacturing in high volume production: integrating future products and technologies into the production system
Greenville/Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

17. – 18. September 2019

Insight @ Volkswagen Września
Enabling multi-variant production with the latest joining technologies and a high degree of automation
Września, Poland
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