Welcome to the Abicor Binzel Laser Application Center China!

14. May 2020

Since 2008 our international sales and service partner ABICOR BINZEL (GUANGZHOU) Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. serves the Chinese Market with laser systems and accessories from Scansonic. Today we would like to welcome you to the Abicor Binzel Laser Application Center (LAC) in Guangzhou, China. Started in 2016, the Abicor Binzel LAC is constantly growing and provides our newest products. Currently we offer processing optics for laser welding, brazing and hardening as well optical sensors for seam tracking and quality inspection systems.

The modern laboratories operate independently and are using different robot models and laser sources, enabling Abicor Binzel to quickly adapt to almost all customer needs. LAC offers testing for challenging applications like brazing or welding for a great variety of different materials. Application with or without filler wire as well as remote welding can be simulated and tested but also cladding with feeding wire, hardening and hybrid welding with arc and laser sources. Seam tracking applications for arc welding completes the portfolio.

Additional benefits are quality control systems such as in-process monitoring and full parameter documentations for perfect process optimization. Metallography capabilities are planned to be built up soon – in the mean time we provide this service in cooperation with local analysis centers.

The Abicor Binzel laser expert team offers process development tailored to customer requirements as well as Scansonic certified training programs in the Abicor Binzel laboratory or on side at costumers.

Newest addition is the modern repair facility offering a wide range of spare parts on stock and express repairs, using Scansonic certified original tools and repair equipment.

The unique capabilities are rounded up by medium sized job shops and customer on-site support during process development are possible on request.

Mr. Wang Pai and his team are welcoming your request – contact ABICOR BINZEL worldwide.

Abicor Binzel Laser Application Center in Guangzhou, China, is steadily growing to serve the customer with excellent process development: in-house and on-site.
Modern equipment with individually operating laboratories enable customized setups for a wide range of laser applications.
Laboratories provide newest Scansonic products such as RLW-A for remote welding of fillet joints.