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Complex technology needs qualified staff. For this reason we offer you different tailored training possibilities:

Operator training

We offer basic training for the operating teams either in our training facilities or at your location. The risk of damage being caused by operator error can be reduced considerably by extensive training of the operating team in the topics of ‘System Structure’, ‘System Integration’ and ‘Fault Diagnostics/Troubleshooting’.

Within the framework of various training measures, participants are able to gain knowledge in how to quickly diagnose and remedy malfunctions as well as avoid making operating mistakes. Furthermore, the participants are put in a position of being able to recognise risks at an early stage when the system is operating and take steps to improve inadequate process results.

In order to improve the level of skill of the operating teams, it is recommended that personnel be made familiar with the systems being deployed on site.

Duration of the training course: 1 day

Maintenance training

This training course starts with the same content as the operator training (see above).

Then the maintenance staff are instructed about the system design and the system integration. They are given instruction manuals about maintenance, repair and exchange of modules and also in how to check the optics and to adjust different parameters.

In the practical part of the training, the use of tools and measuring equipment is instructed as well as how to correctly use them.

Duration of the training course: 3 days

Practice in the laboratory

In the practical part in the laboratory, the participants are given the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge that they have been given during the courses. This includes the programming of a robot lane to weld/solder a simple component, assessment of weld quality in dependence of the set processing parameters and analytical troubleshooting based on the weld pattern produced.

Customer-specific tailoring of the training content is possible. Please feel free to discuss this in advance with your respective trainer.

Duration of the training course: 1 day

Process training

Not all processes can be mastered easily on the first try.

Do you have problems in your production or are you looking to improve your or your staff's process technology expertise? We would be happy to visit your manufacturing site as we search with you for the best solution to your laser brazing or welding needs.

We also welcome beginners or those in need of further training. We can provide training at our location for you (for up to six people) on the following theoretical and practical topics:

  • The fundamentals of laser technology
  • Laser welding of different types of steel
  • Laser welding of aluminium
  • Laser brazing