Support services

Commissioning - Audits

Based on a detailed checklist, both the installation of the system in the plant as well as the planned process parameters are evaluated within the context of an audit.

Our many years of experience in the motor manufacturing sector has taught us that there is a drastic increase in damage to the system due to imperfect installation or programming, in particular during the commissioning and start-up phase. The goal of the audit is to determine potential sources of errors and in using this knowledge to simplify the start-up process of the new installation. Particularly dramatic is the damage caused by crashes and cooling water during the start-up phase. Our audit is design to help avoid the occurrence of this and other damage.

Furthermore, we assess the programming of the seam path and the process results. In many cases, it is then possible to predict the size of the process window and, based on this knowledge, the anticipated process reliability. Fundamentally, start-up costs are significantly reduced through optimum installation and programming.

In addition, the knowledge and capabilities of the operating personnel is assessed during the audit, so that subsequently it is possible to make recommendations with regard to the content of required training measures. Experience tells up that only well a trained operating and maintenance team is able to guarantee the acquired solution in the long term.

The audit is composed of the following elements:

  • Acceptance of the installation of the systems
  • Inspection of the clamping fixture and peripheral devices
  • Check of the robot programming
  • Check of the work process of the system and the peripheral devices
  • Assessment of the process results
  • Evaluation of the level of knowledge of the personnel on site

Following successful completion of the audit, we will draw up an acceptance protocol and certify that the plant is ready for operations.

Commissioning support

In this service Scansonic cooperates with the customer (necessary!) to do the mechanical and electrical installation of the device with all specific accessories in the laser cell, including the software installation and the final testing.

Your advantages: Professional installation by personnel who are familiar with the technology, quick reaction (in the event of a problem), advice and testing of the system layout.

Process optimization

A regular assessment of the production processes is necessary in order to maintain continuous high levels of production performance and quality This allows potential for optimisation within process control procedures to be determined. Scansonic can help you to optimise processes by providing support when making fine settings, adjustments and modification to programming. Process results are improved and stabilised.

The process optimisation service includes recording the current status of the production process of the laser processing optical systems, making suggestions for optimising the use of the laser processing optical systems and produce a working protocol containing the documentation of the changes implemented. You receive a report for your evaluation.

Production support

Changes to operating processes or increases in the production speed should be monitored by an Scansonic engineer. He will help you during diagnosis and when eliminating any possible disruptions in the production process. If necessary, he can also carry out on-site repairs or replacement of laser processing optical systems.

Production support provided by Scansonic will help you to ensure that you achieve the desired production results. We recommend this service for a period of approx. 1 to 2 weeks to achieve lasting success.