Qualified personnel for complex technologies

We familiarize your staff with the handling, process and maintaining with various tailored trainings.

Operator Training – Reduce risks of operator error

  • Basic training in system design, system integration, diagnostics and troubleshooting of processing optics

  • Contents:

    • Quick diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions
    • Prevention of operator errors
    • Early identification of risks in system operation
    • Implementation of measures to improve process results
  • Duration of training: 1 day

Maintenance Training – Keep production running smoothly

  • Part 1: Same as Operator Training

  • Part 2: Understanding system design and system integration; instructions for module maintenance, repair and replacement

  • Contents:

    • Check optics
    • Adjust different parameters
    • Practice: Correct use of tools and measuring instruments
  • Duration of training: 3-4 days

  • To reinforce what is learned in this training, we recommend that it be followed up with Laboratory Practice training.

Laboratory Practice – Hands-on experience

  • Practical training in the Scansonic Application Center

  • Hands-on implementation of knowledge learned in training sessions

  • Contents:

    • Programming a robot lane for welding or brazing a simple component
    • Assessment of weld quality and analytical troubleshooting based on the existing seam pattern
    • Customer-specific training is optional and can be discussed in advance with the Application Center manager
  • Duration of training: 1 day

Process Training – Solutions for production tasks

  • At customer’s site

  • Resolves problems in production or gaps in employee knowledge of process technology

  • Scansonic experts help solve specific issues related to laser welding or brazing

  • OR

  • At the Scansonic site

  • For beginners or as part of an on-going training program

  • Theory and practice

  • Contents:

    • Fundamentals of laser technology
    • Laser welding steel
    • Laser welding of aluminum
    • Laser brazing
  • Duration of training: variable, generally 3 days

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