Production support

Worldwide service

Our experienced process engineers provide worldwide support through a global service network.

Commissioning – Error-free in the start-up phase

Launching a new system involves a sensitive phase of operation. Incorrect installation or programming can lead to (avoidable) damage. We provide all the support you need to optimally integrate new processing optics into your production.

Commissioning audits

The aim of an audit is to identify the potential for error and support the system start-up process. We assess the path programming and process results. Afterwards, we evaluate the training needs of operators.

Commissioning support

We work together with you on the mechanical and electrical installation of the device along with all specific accessories in the laser cell, including software installation and final testing.
Your company benefits from professional installation by our technicians, quick troubleshooting (if necessary), advice and testing of the system layout.

Process optimization – There's always room for improvement

The only way to achieve consistently-high performance and quality is to ensure production processes are regularly checked and adjusted as necessary. In most cases, potential for optimization can be found in process management.

Scansonic supports you with fine tuning and adjustments or programming adaptations. We conduct a current status analysis of operations with the laser processing optics, offer suggestions for improvement, and clearly document the measures we have taken.

Production support – The experts at your side

We recommend that changes to operating processes or increases in production speed are monitored by a Scansonic engineer. This person is an expert who can help you diagnose and eliminate any possible disruptions and, if necessary, can handle on-site repairs or replace the laser processing optics.

Scansonic production support helps you achieve the desired operational results. This service is recommended for a period of one to two weeks to ensure long-term success.