MEKO GAS | Media Coupling General Application Interface

Media Coupling General Application Interface

The media coupling general application interface (MEKA GAS) is used to switch and monitor gaseous media, such as compressed air or inert gas, at the process site. It also integrates additional monitoring functions.

The Advantages

  • The switching is carried out at the processing site - this is the best technical solution for the entire process.
  • Thus the pre-flow times are minimized and consumption is reduced.
  • The most complete system analysis: including pressures and flow.
  • Suitable for all standard fieldbus types.
  • Can be integrated in existing robotics media couplings with miniminal change to the obstructive contour.
  • The module can switch and process additional digital signals.
  • A single source and just one contact person covers all functionality.
  • A completely standardized and modular solution. Partial functions are also possible.
  • Significantly less instructional and training overhead.

Further Product Information


  • Switches valves for the cross-jet, scrash sensort, inert gas, and a reserve valve.
  • Logs and monitors all dynamic pressures on the input side.
  • Actively controls the flow quantity of inert gas.
  • Capable of module integration using the Scansonic standard robotics interface.
  • Additional analysis functionality: the switching status of the crash sensor, the cover glass drawer, as well as the complete control and analysis of the DFE wire-feed module.
  • Can connect all processing components (e.g., the ALO3 and DFE) with the facility via the MEKO GAS.

Technische Daten

Weight13 kg
Dimensions (box only)470 x 200 x 220 mm (H x B x T)
ValvesCross-jet valve, double-pressure crash sensor valve, inert gas valve, controlled proportional valve
Additional functionsDigital I/O functions
Power supply24 V / 2 A