BO-SF | Modular laser processing optics with stable focus position

The BO-SF laser processing optic is based on the scapacs® modular system and designed for industrial applications that require a stable focal position of the laser beam. This presents a special challenge because a change in the focal position with unvarying adjustments in optics and material would lead to inaccuracies in the power density and thus the final result. The unique design of the BO-SF ensures high beam quality and minimizes power loss.

BO-SF | directed sideways


BO-SF | Total view

BO-SF | directed upwards

BO-SF | Intensity distribution in the focus


Function description

Instead of conventional lenses, the BO-SF uses specially-designed mirrors to shape the beam. This makes the BO-SF with less than 0.02 mm focal shift/kW laser power effectively shift-free. As a result, the process is much more stable, especially at higher laser powers.

Areas of application

  • Laser welding
  • High performance applications in the multi-kilowatt range
  • In combination with conventional welding processes under harsh operating conditions
  • Thick steel construction plates > 10mm
  • Pipeline construction in combination with orbital technology
  • Shipbuilding


  • Durable thanks to the usage of scanner mirrors
  • Reliable, save operation
  • Minimal power loss through highend coating
  • High performance of beam quality
  • Variable working distances and focal diameters possible
  • emergency operating feature made possible by the mirrors, which are unsusceptible to gradual contamination and smaller weld penetrations


  • Virtually shift-free optics for high performance as well as single-mode applications
  • Efficient cooling of the mirror and apertures: for safe, long-lasting operations
  • Triple-angled version: for monitoring or quality sensor
  • Easy to integrate in various applications
  • Different optical ratios
  • Patent pending restricted bending

Supported Laser

  • Diodenlaser
  • Faserlaser
  • Scheibenlaser

Further product information

  • Cutting site to robot adaption
  • Integrated cross-jet
  • Service friendly design
  • Cover slide drawer


  • available as a straight version or with a deflection unit
  • Autofocus for focus adjustments
  • Camera and cross hair generator
  • Water cooling
  • High precision tool changer
  • Crash sensor

Laser power (CW)Up to 30 kW
Guideline value for the focus shift±0,02 mm/kW | @M=1:3,1; FKoll=80 mm | 1-12 kW fibre laser
Total angle of acceptanceUp to 450 mrad @FKoll=80 mm
Power loss in the optics system< 2 %
Focal distance (in mm)Collimation: 80, 120, 175; Focusing: 175, 250, 350, 500
Fiber couplings (further upon request)Trumpf-D, Trumpf-B, Optoskand QBH, Optoskand QD, IPG HLC-8, IPG LCA

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