APN1 | Adaptive Platform for Seam Tracking

Adaptive Platform for Seam Tracking

The APN1 was developed for seam-tracked welding or brazing, with a filler wire or fixed guide tip.

APN1 torch connections are available for the standard brands and electric-arc methods. Based on your process, the mechanical seam tracking is implemented with either a fixed guide tip or a filler wire.

How it works

A filler wire provides the material for creating the seam and acts simultaneously as a mechanical sensing device. Utilizing force control. It is then mechanically guided along the path of the joint. The APN1 compensates automatically for any deviations in the path of the joint from the programmed path of the robot. This is done laterally by swivelling on a rotary axis, and vertically by correcting the position of the torch along the linear axis.

In conjunction with a master machine, the system can be controlled by means of digital inputs and outputs via DeviceNet, Interbus or Profibus.

Areas of Application

  • complex seam paths
  • small radii
  • MIG/MAG process, especially CMT® and Cold Arc®
  • WIG, Plasma of various manufactures
  • Plasmatron®
  • Various steel alloys, sintered metals, aluminium
  • Single-bevel tee butt weld
  • Fillet seam at lap joint
  • Fillet seam at T-joint


The optimal process parameters are always in use, because the system is capable of precisely recognising the processing point. This guarantees an accelerated welding speed, an optimised heat input, and uniform seam quality.

The seam tracking system is impervious to soiling, extraneous light, and the influence of heat. Furthermore:

  • Not contigent on pre-production, machining, or master machine tolerances
  • Low programming requirements for robot/master machine
  • Consistent TCP speed
  • Alternative use of guide tip (MIG/MAG)
  • Consistent welding arc length
  • Suitable for both cold and hot wire techniques

Further Information

Audi has filmed APN1 in one of its plants. Watch this video in our media center.

Further Product Information

Technische Daten

Feed rate (e.g. CMT)2 up to max. 4 m/min
Operating range, horizontal± 50 mm
Operating range, vertical± 5 mm
Search position± ca. 90°
Operating voltage24 V / 10 A
Weight without torchapprox. 12 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) in mm217 x 164 x 570
ConfigurationAPN1 (without torch)