Our Expertise

Welding and brazing with mechanically guided machining heads – that is our core business. Scansonic improves the quality, speed and efficiency of laser and arc welding for automated manufacturing.

Our processing systems

With the Scansonic systems, you may use solid-state, diode and optical fibre lasers, as well as conventional electric-arc methods such as MIG/MAG, Plasma Plasmatron®, ColdArc® and CMT® for your applications. During our design phase, we place a high priority on processing speed, parameter stability, reproducibility, the avoidance of thermal distortion, as well as ergonomic criteria such as integration and ease of use.

Our scapacs® system features a modular design that makes it easy for you to configure and swap modules. So adapting Scansonic systems to fit optimally with your infrastructure is an easy and affordable step.

How we do it

By entering into intensive cooperation with the experts on site, we are able to provide a solution for every problem. This practical approach guarantees that existing equipment is included in the solution; new developments are required only when the equipment does not exist or a function does not meet specifications.

This approach considerably reduces the costs for developing and integrating a processing system. The result is the creation of solutions that

  • fit smoothly into existing manufacturing environments,
  • speed up the manufacturing process,
  • and appreciably increase productivity.